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Michi Tacos wins 'Best Tacos in Menifee' Award

When Menifee 24/7 went on a mission to find the best tacos in Menifee, we had no idea how much variety and wonderful taste we would experience. In short, taco lovers are well served in Menifee.

And although we found some delicious alternatives at the 13 taco places we visited, our judges found one that stood out above the rest. So we are proud to announce that Michi Tacos is the winner of our “Best Tacos in Menifee” contest.

German & Karol. Owners of Michi Tacos

Michi Tacos just celebrated its one-year anniversary in Menifee. Located in the Ralphs shopping center at 30141 Antelope Road, it provides an upbeat and colorful atmosphere. But what we judged entrants on was the taste, and that’s what made the difference.

Judging the tacos on the quality of their tortilla and meat, plus the side dishes of rice and beans, as well as the overall presentation, we found Michi Tacos to be a treat worthy of even the most particular palate.

“When we looked at the different types of foods being served around us, we knew we were going to do something unique, something different,” said German Herrera, co-owner and operator of Michi Tacos along with Karol Serrano. “We wanted something where the people of Menifee can have a variety of options available.”

That includes tacos that feature a yellow handmade corn tortilla with choice of meat, cilantro, grilled onions and guacamole (left). Specialty items include the quesa birria taco, featuring specially prepared meat the Michi Tacos way, and the Micho taco plate (lower right), which features yellow handmade corn tortillas with grilled cheese, refried chorizo beans, choice of meat, cilantro, grilled onions and guacamole.

“We take pride in what we’re doing,” Herrera said. “It’s the extra steps we take to give our customers the best food available. And that starts with our vendors. We work with the small vendors as opposed to the big corporations.”

Meat is brought in fresh daily from a small vendor in Perris. Therefore, there is no need to freeze the meats. They are then sliced with a machine, marinated, and put on a barbecue grill. A meat inspection team throws out any meat that doesn’t meet quality control.

“What does that mean for us? It means more labor, it means more cost, but it also means more quality,” Herrera said. “Normally you’ll find this in a higher end restaurant.”

When you visit Michi Tacos, be prepared for the best in Mexican food. We congratulate Michi Tacos on this award and, courtesy of marketing director Josh, we present this video with more information. You may also visit for more information and to place an order, or call 951-999-9280.


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